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  • Our vision is to show Jesus every day in every way.

    Our vision is to show Jesus every day in every way.

Our Ministries

Open Arms Crisis Center

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The goal of our Hope Centers is to provide a brighter future for families by giving them a marketable skill.Unlike many jobs, sewing can be done from home by women of limited space and resources. SIO is usually offering classes at up to five different Hope Centers at a time.  With nearly 70 students and a growing number of graduates, the centers are bringing economic hope to the people.

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Grace School

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South Indian Outreach operates two schools which bring education to those who otherwise may receive none.  Tilaknagar and Kumbarkoppal Grace Schools combined have over 800 students who come from India’s low income families. India does not have enough government-run schools.   In such a situation the opportunity for extending hope through education is vast.

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Hope Centers 

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As South Indian Outreach is successful in showing Jesus every day in every way, new groups of believers are beginning to emerge.  Those groups of believers along with newly trained pastors are the growing backbone of Christ’s kingdom in South India.  We are currently touching 100 towns and villages in five states with the Gospel.

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Our Founders

We are excited to share with you the passion and vision God has placed on our hearts for the people of South India. Our founder was born and raised in India. At the age of 18, he decided to move to America to study and become a CPA. The Lord led him to Trinity Bible College in North Dakota where God quickly gripped his heart and called him into full time ministry. It was there that he met his wife. They were married in 1997 and served in pastoral ministry until 2005.

Our Location

South Indian Outreach is based in South India a city of 1.2 million people. While we would love to tell you all the details of the city, for safety reasons we cannot.  The basics?  A millionaire is neighbor to a pauper who lives on 2 or 3 dollars a day.  While the material difference is vast, the spiritual poverty is the same.

Support the Mission

There are many ways of giving to South Indian Outreach. Each area of support has great needs to be met.


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